Building Survey (Structural Survey) Reports

This is recommended for older properties, built before 1900, buildings of unusual construction, including those with stone walls or thatched roofs, Listed Buildings and exceptionally large houses.

The survey report is similar to the Home Buyer Survey but has more information: Including: photographs, technical information regarding the construction and materials used, details of faults and the remedial works required.

Specific sections in the report cover: construction, structural movement, dampness, timber defects including woodworm and rot, roof defects, building exterior, building interior, services, location, site, outbuildings.

Jonathan Sneath holds a Certificate in Historic Building Conservation from The University of Cambridge and is able to advise clients on the condition of Period Homes and Listed Buildings and recommended appropriate repairs.

If you are unsure which survey is best for you and for the property you wish to purchase, just contact me and i will advise.